Jinnah College Of Rehabilitation Sciences
Jinnah College of Rehabilitation Sciences (JCRS) was established in 2018 to provide quality education in an environment which focuses on problem solving and conceptual development. Exposure to in-depth knowledge of basic and clinical sciences relevant to rehabilitation therapy will prepare graduates to be competent physical therapists who fulfill their professional responsibilities as well as serve the community with devotion and excellence.
Physical Therapy, a “science of healing and art of caring,” is an essential segment of a modern health care system. A DPT graduate can perform clinical examinations, evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiovascular and Respiratory System disorders. Our DPT program follows Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized curriculum.
To be a recognized center of excellence in physical therapy education, to discover new knowledge, and prepare highly skilled, caring physical therapists to serve the needs of our National and International communities with devotion and excellence.
To pursue academic excellence in preparing competent physical therapists that contribute to the society through innovative high-quality clinical teaching programs, with continuous improvement of quality standard as par with International standards, fostering evidence-based health care research, promoting values of learning, leadership, service and public engagement.
Program Objectives
The purpose of the DPT program is to prepare physical therapists who will:
• Be primary providers of physical therapy care
• Serve as responsible members in the professional community who are willing and able to assume leadership roles in the communities they serve
• Identify researchable problems, advocate and participate in research, and incorporate research findings into clinical practice
• Understand and place in context the social, economic and cultural issues of practice and effectively advocate for changes in policy
• Correlate theory with practice to think creatively about, react to, adapt or shape new practice environments
• Participate in and provide education for communities, patients, peers, students
Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the DPT program will:
• Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of basic and clinical sciences relevant to physical therapy, both in their fundamental context and in their application to the discipline of physical therapy
• Understand, correlate and apply theoretical foundations of knowledge to the practice of physical therapy; evaluate and clarify new or evolving theories relevant to physical therapy
• Demonstrate behaviors of a scholarly clinician by developing and utilizing the process of critical thinking and inquiry, particularly focused on improvement of the practice of physical therapy and delivery of health care
• Engage in reflective practice through sound clinical decision making, critical self-assessment and commitment to lifelong learning
• Demonstrate mastery of entry level professional clinical skills. Provision of these services is based on the best available evidence and includes physical therapy examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, prevention activities, wellness initiatives and appropriate health care utilization
• Be prepared to influence development of human health care regulations and policies that are consistent with the needs of patients and society
• Demonstrate leadership, management, and communication skills to effectively participate in physical therapy practice as part of a health care team
• Incorporate and demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors to all persons without discrimination
• Demonstrate the professional and social skills required to adapt to changing health care environments to effectively provide physical therapy care

PROGRAM:     Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) - Affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University

DURATION:     5 Years (10 Semesters) plus One Year House Job / Internship

10 Semesters of 18 weeks each = 5 Years (175 credit hours)
Basic Science Subjects: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Subjects:
• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Kinesiology
• Biomechanics & Ergonomics
• Biochemistry
• Pharmacology & Therapeutics
• Introduction to Computer
• Medical Physics
• Sociology
• Behavioral Sciences
• Molecular Biology & Genetics
• Community Medicine & Rehabilitation
• Professional Practice
• Health & Wellness
• Clinical Decision Making & Differential Diagnosis
• Physical Agents & Electrotherapy
• Manual Therapy
• Therapeutic Exerciseaccs & Techniques
• Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
• Neurological Physical Therapy
• Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
• Integumentary Physical Therapy
• Obstetrics & Gynecological Physical Therapy
• Pediatric Physical Therapy
• Gerontology & Geriatric Physical Therapy
• Sports Physical Therapy
• Prosthetics & Orthotics
• Emergency Procedures & Primary Care in Physical Therapy
Research Subjects: Clinical Subjects:
• Medicine
• Surgery
• Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
  Supervised Clinical Practice
Admission Criteria
• Minimum 60% marks HSC Pre-Medical (or O/ A level – Foreign High School equivalent)
• Equivalence as determined by the Interboard Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) is required for all non-Pakistan Boards of Education (www.ibcc.edu.pk)
• Qualify Aptitude Test & Interview
• Candidates residing outside of Pakistan may submit SAT/ACT results in substitution of Aptitude Test
Assessment And Promotion Policy
Assessment Weightage
Continuous Assessment 10%
Mid Semester Exam 10%
Terminal Examination 80%
Total 100%
• The DPT program is affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University who conducts all Terminal Examinations; JCRS follows JSMU rules for Assessment and Promotion
• Minimum 75% attendance in every subject individually is compulsory to be eligible for Semester Terminal Examinations. Additionally, all class assignments and clinical rotations must be completed before sitting in examinations.
• A minimum of 50% aggregated marks in each component of the course is required to be declared “Pass” in an examination.
• Any failed course must be repeated in the retake examination at the end of each academic year.
• If all courses are not passed after the retake examination, the student will not be promoted to the next professional year and must repeat any failed course(s) with the upcoming batch.
• The maximum number of attempts to pass the 1st Professional Year is four.
• Failure after 4 attempts (availed or not availed) in the 1st Professional Year will bar the student from further study in the DPT program. After passing the 1st Professional Year, there is no restriction on the number of attempts.
• If a student does not appear for an examination due to short attendance, illness, family emergency or any other reason, the missed attempt is counted as a failed chance.
• Any student who has passed a course but wishes to improve their grade may retake any examination. If there is no improvement in marks, the earlier grades will be counted as final grades.
Why choose our DPT program?
• Jinnah College of Rehabilitation Sciences is located in the heart of Karachi
• Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital and Jinnah Medical & Dental College are located at the same campus. MCGH is a state-of-the-art multispecialty hospital providing tertiary care services
• MCGH is especially renowned for its Orthopedics services which is the biggest center for knee and hip replacement in Sindh in the private sector.
• MCGH has an advanced Physiotherapy Center
• JMDC has produced over 1800 MBBS & BDS graduates of high caliber; training alongside MBBS & BDS students will allow a mutual understanding to develop strong health care teams for future practice
• DPT students will have a practical and modern learning experience in hospital campus and as well as enjoy a vibrant student life.
Career Prospects
A Physical Therapist (PT) practices in clinical or hospital settings as well as providing home-based physical therapy services. Their job is to examine patients and develop a plan of care that promotes movement, reduces pain, restores function, and prevents disability. PTs can pursue higher education (MS/MPhil or PhD) or a career in teaching/academics or research. PTs often consult in specialized areas of physical therapy such as: Musculoskeletal PT, Neuromuscular PT, Cardiopulmonary PT, Sports PT.
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