Preparing for a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree
BDS Course Outline

DURATION:     BDS (4 Years) followed by One-Year House Job to maintain PMDC registration

JMDC is affiliated with JSMU and follows an Annual Examination system
First Year Third Year
Oral Biology
Professional Communication
 Oral Pathology
 Oral Medicine / periodontology
 General Surgery
 General Medicine
Second Year Fourth Year
Science of Dental Materials
Community Dentistry

Journal Club

Research Project
Oral Surgery
Operative Dentistry

Skills Labs

Clinical Wards

Students’ knowledge and skills are continuously assessed in Practicals, Tutorials, Skills Lab, Journal Club presentations and Clinico-Pathological Conferences to prepare them for Internal and Professional examinations
Internal Examinations
Internal Examinations in each academic year are:
  • End of module tests
  • Mid Term Exam
  • Pre Professional Exam
Internal examination consists of a theory paper, as well as a practical and oral examination. Students must achieve atleast 50% marks to pass.

According to Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) Regulations, "Continuous internal assessment consists of appropriate evaluation at the end of each assignment, term, stage or course of the curriculum. Proper records of Internal Evaluations should be maintained, and the scores obtained in these tests should contribute 30% to the final total score of the candidates". Marks scored by students on Internal Assessment are included in the marks of the final University Examinations. 

An important component of assessment is the Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) in the basic sciences and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for the Clinical subjects to assure assessment is objective and standardized.
University Examinations
  • University conducts examinations for BDS at the end of each academic year after annual exam results are announced
  • Theory paper includes Multiple Choice Questions, Extended Matching Questions or Short Answer Questions
  • Practical examinations and viva voce for each subject are scheduled after the theory papers
  • Students must score 50% in both Theory and Viva/ practical to pass
  • Students can resit failed papers or for improvement after every even semester
  •  University Issues official mark sheets and Final Transcript (Consolidated marksheet)
  •  University Issues Final Degree
  • As per PMDC rules, students are allowed only four attempts to pass examinations for BDS 1st Professional. Students who are unable to pass after four attempts (whether availed or unavailed) are ineligible to continue dental education in Pakistan
rules regarding attendance are:

  • No student with less than 75% attendance will be allowed to sit for Professional Examinations
  • Students must have 75% attendance in lectures, tutorials, practical and clinical assignments
  • Students must attend the regularly scheduled classes as there are no extra classes to make up shortages
  • Students not present in class for any reason (illness, trip abroad, family problems, etc), will be marked absent. There is no leave policy 
  • Students must attend all module tests and mock examinations
  • Short attendance will not be condoned for any reason
  • Students not meeting these minimum requirements of the University will not be allowed to sit for Professional examinations until they meet the requirements
  • Attendance records will be posted regularly and sent home with students.
  • Additionally, the following requirements must be met before forms of Professional Examinations will be forwarded to the University
  • FIRST YEAR: Must pass Skills Lab and turn in all English assignments
  • SECOND YEAR: Must pass Skills Lab and present two research articles in Journal Club
  • THIRD YEAR: Must present research article in Journal Club and achieve passing marks. Must complete clinical attendance and pass ward test
  • FOURTH YEAR: Must complete clinical attendance and pass ward tests. Must present one case during clinicopathology conference and achieve passing marks
Any parent wishing to discuss the progress or attendance of their student may contact Student Affairs Office to make an appointment at 34935009.  
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