Medicare Dental Hospital
Medicare Dental Hospital is located at the Shaheed-e-Millat campus and provides clinical training to prepare competent Dental Professionals who are committed to excellence in the field of patient care and research, particularly in relation to community dental health problems. Features of Medicre Dental Hospital include:
  • 75 fully equipped modern Dental Chairs
  • 250-300 patients treated daily for various oral health problems , paying special attention to patient satisfaction
  • Patients are treated by a team of doctors under the supervision of postgraduate-qualified senior professors
  • All patients are treated on a no profit basis; only actual material costs are charged
  • Services are provided in the following specialties:
Oral Pathology Oral Surgery
Prosthodontics Operative Dentistry
Oral Medicine Periodontology
Endodontics Orthodontics
Pediodontics Oral Radiology
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