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QEC Introduction:

QEC is established under the umbrella of QAA of JSMU- HEC to enhance, maintain and monitor quality of medical and dental education. In JMDC, the QEC has been established in 2018


Our vision is to endeavor and employ all the efforts to raise the standard of education at Jinnah Medical & Dental College (JMDC) at par with the international standards, so as to acquire a place in the ranking of esteemed and renowned institutions of Pakistan and abroad being dedicated to teaching, learning and research. Furthermore to develop a viable and sustainable mechanism of Quality Assurance in medical and dental education in Pakistan to meet the rising challenges of health related issues of the country.



The major aim to establish QEC at JMDC is to raise the standard of medical and dental education by applying the procedure of self-assessment and by getting the feedback from students, graduates, postgraduates and employers. This data will be analyzed and corrective action measures would be adopted whenever and where ever deemed essential.


Specific QEC Aims:

Quality Promotion:

The development of a program of activities to institutionalize a
quality culture in medical and dental education and a commitment to continuous quality

Capacity Development:

The development and implementation of initiatives to build and strengthen the capacity for high quality provision at institutional, learning program and
individual levels.

Faculty Assessment:

Measurement of the expected outcome/performance from individual faculty member through standard internationally evaluated and tested procedures after having provided the requisite teaching and research infrastructure and facilities.

Departmental Reviews:

Measurement of the performance of each academic
department through conducting annual review based on the standard parameters set for this


Regular assessment and review of the Jinnah medical and dental college departments in order to assure the quality of the teaching staff and the  teaching and training provisions provided to the students.

Functions & Responsibilities