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Academic Policies

We earnestly expect students and their parents to support the University policies wholeheartedly.

The University and its affiliated Faculties and Colleges are committed to:

The University and its affiliated Faculties and Colleges are committed to:

Disciplinary Committee

All students are required to follow the University rules and regulations. The Disciplinary Committee is responsible to conduct inquiries into any infraction of the rules and decides consequences of such infractions. Any evidence of academic dishonesty such as copying the work of another or offering unauthorized assistance to another student may lead to expulsion from the College. Anti-social behavior, (cheating, destruction of property, physical violence, harassment, falsification of documents/records, unexplained absences or violation of the rights of person or property of others) may result in expulsion. In such cases, tuition fee will not be refunded.

Student Counseling

The Student Affairs Department provides a liaison between students, teachers, parents, faculty and administration as well as coordinates students’ daily schedules and deals with all administrative matters pertaining to students including:

Timetables, attendance, examination results and notices are uploaded to the website under “Student Area”. Students and parents are encouraged to visit the website frequently to remain informed.

Counseling services are available as required by students for both academic and personal matters. Matters discussed between students and counselors are considered confidential. Any parent wishing to discuss their student’s academic progress may contact the Student Affairs Department to set up an appointment:

Campus Rules

Identity Card

Dress Code

In order to maintain a safe and hygienic environment:

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on any of our campuses.


Any violation of the Identity Card Policy, Dress Code or Smoking will result in a fine for every infraction.

Library Rules

Borrowing Books